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As this site is still in development phase, we would really appreciate your feedback, good or bad as we stive to ensure that we are portraying correct messaging as well as giving you and other users the best possible web experience. Therefore, please take a moment to complete the feedback form below, feel free to include any other feedback you feel appropriate (including ideas or other sites that you found helpful that you suggest we investigate).

Thank you for your time and effort. We appreciate the time you spend helping us improve our service.

PS. Information can be entered anonymously, however we would appreciate you suppling your email address in the event that we need more information regarding your response.

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What you think PerfectMinds (the business) is about and what is our value proposition? What do we offer? Please keep your response short.
Rate the design of the site (graphics, colours, theme, etc.) from 1 to 10 where 1 "needs a lot of work" & 10 is excellent?
Any comments regarding the look and feel of the site (colours not appealing, colour mismatch, image issues or suggestions, etc.)?
I would like to know about your experience regarding the working of the site (did it take long to load, where the menu's/buttons all working to your satisfaction? Again, rate between 1 to 10 (1 is "needs a lot of work" and 10 is excellent)
Please let me know if you experienced any problems? Please supply details as to where the issue was and what browser and version you are using?
Although the content is still not complete and this is a "working" site and content will continuously be added, I would just like to know what you found interesting (or not) what I should add (or remove) and any ideas and suggestions (taking into account the nature of the business)? Please rate and add your comments below. 1 = "needs a lot of work" and 10 = Excellent!
What you liked, didn't like? What I should add or remove? What you would like to see in the site? Any info that needs to be included? Are there any sites that come to mind that you feel I should look at to get a better idea?
Just an honest overall rating of the site. Please also give me some indication as to your answer in the Other Comment field below so that I know how to improve this site in the future? Again 1 is "needs a lot of work" and 10 is excellent.
Any other comments will be much appreciated, including any grammatical or spelling errors?