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The unbelievable world of open-source software - What ever you do, don't tell anyone!

Here are a few valuable links to some of the best free (open source) software available on the web to assist you in starting and running your business. PerfectMinds offers training support for all of these packages.

Let us know about any other software you find valueable and would like to recommend?

Software for general office tasks

OpenOffice is a complete suite of office software for doing presentations, spreedsheets, word processing, dababase management, etc. Version 4 has just been released!


Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client which is feature-rich and extremely easy to use.


Software for Graphic design and image manipulation

GIMP is an excellent tool for manipulating images such as touching-up pictures, resizing and scalling. Ideal for altering pictures for web-sites or social media.



InkScape is a vector based image manipulation tool. Ideal for logo design. When images are in vector format, they can be scaled, rotated and their attributes changed without effecting the image quality. So if you need to design a bill-board or a business card. This piece of software is what you are after.