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As in your daily business activities, you are faced with time constraints, fierce competition, rules and regulations and having to deal with obstacles that were not planned for. This activity puts these same challenges of fast-paced business into a very exciting format where teams compete against each-other (or the clock) to achieve carerfully designed objectives. The tasks can be made exceptionally difficult or very easy depending on your team's skills level, resources and what you would like to achieve from this exercise.

This activity requires at least 4 hours, ideally suited to a morning or afternoon event followed by a debriefing session. However, this activity can span a few days depending on your time and budget. It can also be a fun event used to "find" your final destination if you are having a team get-away.


One of the most affordable activities in our main team-building range, teams can make use of their own transport if budgets are exceptionally tight. Or we can provide mini-buses. As this even can be completed in four hours, it can be designed not to make use of additional accommodation.


The main objectives of this activity are:

  • - Resource planning (Time management)

- Communication

- Team-work

Options include customised objectives (such as your specific product range, business skills, acumen, numeracy, etc.)

We can also arrange all the catering and refreshment requirements.